Who We Are

In solving a puzzle, the corner pieces are key. They provide the framework for the full picture; allowing the remaining pieces of the puzzle to naturally fall into place.

We want to be a valued partner to our clients for all their trade financing needs…

Our Expertise

At Cornerpiece Capital Partners, we provide highly customised trade financing solutions because every business is unique. A one-size fits-all approach does not work as every business has different working capital and risk management needs.

Our services are designed to be personal and geared to the needs, of both global and domestic trade participants…

Our Approach

Who We Serve

Why Cornerpiece Capital

Trade Finance Fund

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Purchase Financing

Any business that sells on credit terms would eventually run into working capital challenges. A shortage in working capital can hamper the growth of your business and this is precisely where Cornerpiece Capital Partners’ services come into play…

Buyer Led
Payable Finance

As a buyer, it is your responsibility to make the best use of your working capital. At Cornerpiece Capital Partners, we understand that your business objectives can sometimes clash with those of your suppliers. In order to avoid risk to your…

Equity Fund

Our newly introduced Private Equity Fund aims to be a niche boutique fund focused on capital growth through investments in Asian companies that have adopted ESG principles. We look for points of strength and differentiation in these…


The world is changing.

We can guide you through it by sharing knowledge
to form the cornerstone of your understanding.

Our Partnerships

Our customers deserve the best; which is why we have developed strategic partnerships with some of the top organisations worldwide to leverage on the best expertise in various fields and industries.

Our partnerships are important in developing professional and customised processes for your business. It is through the integrity of our partnerships that we are able to provide you seamless…

Our Team

With over 50 years of combined experience in finance, the Cornerpiece Capital Partners team has a wealth of experience that cuts across many different industries.

Our team is made up of specialists in various areas of finance and we are fully-equipped with all the necessary know-how to help you achieve outstanding results…